Speckled Trout

The fish range in size from 1-3lbs with numerous fish taken at 5-6lbs. Remote trout ponds are accessed by ATV or hiking. Canoes are provided. A Quebec fishing licence is required.

Lake Trout

3 of the lakes with remote camps have good lake trout fishing.

Northern Pike

The opportunities are limitless!

Small Mouth Bass

Bass fishing in the river near the lodge is very good.


Can be found in the river and numerous other lakes.


Brook trout of this size are common in the area.

The Camp is easily accessible by small planes equipped to land on water. You may even park your aircraft at the lodge dock!
Nice little minnow!

Fly fishing for trout is a common pastime.

They don't have these in Washington DC!

They don't have these in Washington DC!

Splake (brook/lake trout cross) are large and fun to catch.

Friends and members going fishing.